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Grading Services


Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, a division of Certified Collectibles Group, Inc, is probably the preferred grading service of Cuban collectors, for the quality of both their services and their set registry.


Professional Coin Grading Services, a division of Collectors Universe, Inc, has been one of the leading coin grading and authentication services. They offer set registry and population reports of Cuban coins.



The American Numismatic Association, founded in 1891, is an educational organization dedicated to educating and encouraging people to study and collect money and related items. The Association serves the academic community, collectors and the general public with an interest in numismatics.


The Cuban Numismatic Association was founded in 2004 with the goal of encouraging and promoting Cuban numismatic knowledge, culture, education and fraternal relations among the numismatic community. The CNA holds an annual meeting at the Winter FUN Convention.


Comprehensive online catalog of all Cuban coinage 1915 to present.


A unique place to learn, collect, swap and share about our passion: numismatics.


Colnect (collect + connect ==> Colnect) is a comprehensive online solution for collectors of mass-produced collectibles (stamps, coins, phonecards and so many more) revolutionizing the collecting experience by providing online personal collection management within a designated community.


OmniCoin is an online community where numismatists the world over can showcase their coin collections and interact with other passionate collectors.

Global Coins

World catalog of coins including illustrated catalog of Cuban coins.

Mints & Banks

Banco Central de Cuba

Official site of the Central Bank of Cuba


Museo Numismatico - Cuba

Link to the site of the Cuban Numismatic Museum, with over a thousand medals, coins and banknotes from Cuba, Latin America and the world

Other Links

Types of Mint Error Coins

Link to the an easy to read summary of mint error types


A site dedicated to all forms of die clashes, which although uncommon among Cuba coins, have been reported. This site lists a few examples

ERROR-REF.COM is a comprehensive illustrated glossary of every conceivable defect associated with the minting process. It will contain detailed illustrated descriptions of hundreds of basic error types, numerous subtypes, and assorted effects associated with them.