Sheldon grading scale

The grading scale popularized by Dr. William Sheldon in the late 1940s that grades coin on a scale from 1-70. Still used by most major grading companies today, including NGC, PCGS and others.

The most commonly used numerical grades and their respective adjetival grades are the following:

AG-3 About Good
G-4 Good
VG-8 Very Good
VG-10 Very Good Plus
F-12 Fine
F-15 Fine Plus
VF-20 Very Fine
VF-30 Very Fine Plus
EF-40 Extremely Fine
EF-45 Choice Extremely Fine
AU-50 About Uncirculated
AU-55 Choice About Uncirculated
AU-58 Very Choice About Uncirculated
MS-60 Typical Mint state
MS-61 Typical Mint state
MS-62 Select Mint state
MS-63 Choice Mint state
MS-64 Very Choice Mint state
MS-65 Gem Mint state
MS-66 Gem Mint state
MS-67 Superb Mint state
MS-68 Superb Mint state
MS-69 Superb Mint state
MS-70 Perfect Mint state

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